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Welcome to SpinalWorks Chiropractic

SpinalWorks Chiropractic's belief centers on the premise of working with our patients, treating them on an individual basis, taking time to listen to their needs in order to better understand what it is they need and how can be a vital component of achieving that goal. This individualized approach helps us to fulfill our purpose in patients achieving their full health potential and it is the philosophy our entire team has adopted.  

If you have been injured in a car accident, sports injury, yard work injury, injury from rolling over in bed, workout injury, relief from severe chronic pain or just looking for ways to beat everyday aches and pains of everyday living, we are committed to providing you with our best chiropractic healthcare in Phoenix Arizona we feel you can get which is highly effective and completely natural chiropractic treatments.

SpinalWorks Chiropractic in Phoenix Arizona is equipped with onsite x-ray facilities, therapeutic equipment, decompression tables, a complete physical rehab department, alternative adjustment tools and much more.  Dr. Steve, D.C. a long term Phoenix Chiropractor is skilled in a variety of treatment modalities, including active release technique , Upper cervical, manipulation under anesthesia, flexion distraction technique, Thompson Technique, chiropractic biophysics, Pettibon, diversified technique, Gonstead technique and Sacral occipital technique SOT.  Our office even offers support products to help you in achieving your goal of great health.  We carry support pillows, TENS units, personalized lumbar support belts, custom-made support orthotics, back supports, joint supplements, and more.

Dr. Van Laecken

“SpinalWorks Purpose is to help as many people as possible achieve their full health potential by education of chiropractic wellness and dedicated service through the healing power of Jesus Christ”

                                                                                                -Dr. Steve Van Laecken, D.C.

SpinalWorks has welcomed a new member to the team - Dr. Cara Riek DNP, RN, FNP-BC, OIBCLC.  Dr. Cara will provide integrated care through the medical family practice side of our office, AZ Family Wellness, which includes but is not limited to: Sick Care (antibiotics, fluids etc..), Trigger Point injections, Intravenous (IV) fluids for a quick recovery, joint injections, pain management, Physicals, medication management and much more. Call today and establish Dr. Cara as your primary care provider and Dr. Steve for your Chiropractic needs, together they make a great team!

AZ Family Wellness accepting new patients

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Emergency Appointments Only

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